Research Areas provided by University of Sheffield - Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

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Beach morphodynamics
Coastal marine ecosystems Tom Webb
Integrated coastal zone management Tom Webb
Marine systems modelling Julia Blanchard
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping
Species distribution models
Behavioural ecology
Benthic communities and natural and anthropogenic impacts
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality Gareth Fraser
Biological proxies of environmental change
Coastal marine biology
Conservation ecology and resource management
Ecology - conservation
Ecology - coral reefs
Ecology - Deep sea, pelagic and planktonic
Ecology - fish conservation
Ecology - Macroecology of coastal systems
Ecology - pelagic
Ecology - population and community
Ecology - Temporal and spatial behavioural ecology
Ecology - Zooplankton
Ecology - Zooplankton
Ecology – Marine invertebrates
Ecology – Marine vertebrates
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change
Environmental genomics
Environmental genomics
Evolutionary biology
Fisheries – sustainable exploitation, management strategies
Fisheries, fish systematics, taxonomy and evolutionary processes Roger Butlin, Gareth Fraser
Foodweb dynamics, analysis and modelling Gareth Fraser
Genetics and taxonomy Gareth Fraser
Human impact on marine ecosystems
Marine conservation
Marine food webs
Marine vertebrates Gareth Fraser
Natural and anthropogenic impacts on benthic communities
Population biology
Sensitivity of marine species to fluctuation and change
Biostratigraphy in the geological record
Conservation and environmental policy
Sustainable use of marine bio-resources