Research Areas provided by University of Sheffield - Geography

Research Area Contact
Coastal areas and El Nino Grant Bigg
Coastal, shelf and estuarine hydrodynamics Andrew Sole
Glaciers and sea level change Andrew Sole, Chris Clark
Integrated coastal zone management Tom Webb
Air-sea exchange Grant Bigg
Arctic observation, sea ice Paul Blackwell, Eleanor Stillman
Biogeochemical models Andy Hodson
Climate modelling, variability and change David J. Wilton, Julie Jones
Ecological modelling Paul Blackwell, Mike Spence
El-nino climatology Grant Bigg
Environmental impacts - oil spills, bioremediation, human impacts Grant Bigg
General circulation models David J. Wilton, Julie Jones
Ice sheet modelling Andrew Sole, Chris Clark
Ice-climate interactions David J. Wilton
Ice-climate interactions David J Wilton
Marine systems modelling Grant Bigg
Ocean/atmosphere interactions David J. Wilton
Rapid climate change associated with the AMOC Grant Bigg
Remote sensing Lucy Wyatt, Rob Bryant
Sea ice dynamics and modelling Paul Blackwell, Eleanor Stillman
Species distribution models Grant Bigg
Surface Ocean/Lower Atmosphere interactions Lucy Wyatt (limited surface waved)
Survey and monitoring of the open ocean Lucy Wyatt
Carbon cycling and carbon flux through ecosystems Andy Hodson
Interactions between biological communities and biogeochemical processes
Ocean-atmosphere coupling Grant Bigg
Algal biology Maria Huet-Ortega
Animal movement Paul Blackwell
Biological consequences of carbon capture and storage Andy Hodson
Biological oceanography Maria Huet-Ortega
Biological proxies of environmental change Maria Huet-Ortega
Ecology - Microbial Maria Huete-Ortega
Ecology - Molecular Maria Huet-Ortega
Ecology - Zooplankton Mohammad Ali
Ecology – Behavioural, marine predators and grazers Mohammad Ali
Environmental genomics Roger Butlin, Maria Huet-Ortega
Marine food webs Mohammad Ali
Microalgal and cyanobacterial ecology and physiology Maria Huet-Ortega
Microbiology Maria Huet-Ortega
Microbial plankton Maria Huet-Ortega
Nitrogen cycling Andy Hodson
Ocean acidification - impact on ecosystems Maria Huet-Ortega
Phytoplankton, phytoplankton productivity, physiology, zooplankton Maria Huet-Ortega
Population modelling Paul Blackwell, Mike Spence
Primary production, phytoplankton and CO2 Maria Huet-Ortega
Glacial geomorphology and sedimentology Chris Clark
Glacial sedimentary processes Felix Ng
Arctic palaeo environmental change Paul Blackwell, Caitlin Buck, Mark Bateman
Holocene/Quaternary palaeoceanography Grant Bigg
Integrating ocean modelling studies with palaeo-data Grant Bigg
Palaeoceanography Grant Bigg
Palaeoclimate, Palaeoclimatology and rapid climatic events Paul Blackwell, Caitlin Buck, Mark Bateman
Climate physics
Dynamics of ocean currents Grant Bigg
El Niño physical processes Grant Bigg
Ice shelf-ocean interaction Stephen Livingstone
Marine ice formation Grant Bigg
Ocean-atmosphere interaction Lucy Wyatt (limited to surface waves)
Satellite oceanography Grant Bigg
Turbulent mixing in stratified fluids Lucy Wyatt
Coastal engineering Lucy Wyatt
Instruments and sensors Lucy Wyatt
Observing systems Lucy Wyatt
Environmental statistics Paul Blackwell, Eleanor Stillman, Caitlin Buck
Iceberg monitoring and tracking David J. Wilton
Oceanographic HF radar systems Lucy Wyatt
Radio calibration for marine samples Paul Blackwell, Caitlin Buck, Tim Heaton
Statistical ecology Paul Blackwell, Mike Spence