Coral reefs

Research Area: Ecology - coral reefs

Understanding the effects of nutrient enrichment on reef corals from the molecular to the ecosystem level.

Population ecology of corals in extreme environments: Lessons for the future of coral reefs under the pressure of climate change.

Molecular ecology of coral-Symbiodinium associations.

Evolution of local adaptation and stress tolerance in corals.

Comparative photobiology of symbiotic corals in shallow water and mesophotic reefs: How do corals deal with “too much” and “too low” light?

Marine Biotechnology: Rendering coral pigments into novel optical tools for biomedical research and pharmaceutical industry.

Research with impact: Translating research findings in accessible information for coral reef management and policy makers (Collaboration with Environment Agency Abu Dhabi / Mideast Coral Reef Society).

Contact Name: 
Jörg Wiedenmann