Gatty Marine Laboratory

Equipment Type: Laboratory

The marine laboratory occupies a beach-front location, giving small boats direct access to the sea via an adjacent slipway. A pump house
on the foreshore supplies 250,000 gallons of filtered seawater each day. The aquarium comprises an ambient sea water circulation for
fish and invertebrates, environmentally controlled warm water and cold water recirculation systems and a Home Office Licensed facility.
The largest seal experimental facility in Europe was completed in 1998 comprising a main 40 m pool and ancillary pools for behavioural and
physiological studies. The East Sands has recently been refurbished with well-equipped laboratories for molecular, physiological,
behavioural and ecological studies. Specialist facilities include a flume for sediment studies, laminar flow hoods for tissue culture
and laser scanning confocal and scanning electron microscopes. There is a facility for the design and manufacture of satellite and
GSM relayed data loggers for deployment on marine mammals or gliders including measurement of pressure, salinity, temperature,
fluorescence and turbidity, depending on the configuration.

Available for use/hire by external contacts