Research Areas provided by University of St Andrews - Scottish Oceans Institute

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Climate change impacts on the coastal zone
Coastal areas and El Nino
Coastal marine ecosystems
Coastal ocean turbulence: physics and modelling
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics
Estuarine dynamics and processes
Geohazards, tsunami, coastal evidence for past events
Glaciers and sea level change
Integrated coastal zone management
Sea level change and impacts for society
Sediment transport: physics and modelling
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence
Arctic observation, sea ice
Climate and environmental forcing
Climate modelling, variability and change
Coastal sediment transport: physics and modelling
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping
Ecological modelling
Environmental impacts - oil spills, bioremediation, human impacts
Environmental optics
Food web analysis and modelling
Habitat mapping
Ice sheet modelling
Marine systems modelling
Marine water quality
Modelling - coastal ocean and global tidal dynamics
Ocean acidification and carbon feedbacks
Process based modelling of the ocean and bio-geochemical processes
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping
Species distribution models
Statistical modelling
Survey and monitoring of the open ocean
Benthic biogeochemical processes
Biodiversity and regulation of biogeochemical cycles
Carbon cycling and carbon flux through ecosystems
Inorganic chemistry
Instruments for automated chemical analysis
Interactions between biological communities and biogeochemical processes
Isotope Geochemistry
Major nutrients
Ocean acidification, ocean acidification and biogeochemical cycles
Ocean biogeochemical fluxes
Organic chemistry
Plankton and marine biogeochemical cycles
Developmental and Evolutionary Genomics
Environmental statistics
Population ecology
Shelf and coastal processes and impacts
Statistical ecology
Ecosystem modelling
Climate change and coastal communities
Hydrodynamic modelling
Catchment and River Processes
Microbial biogeochemistry