Technology and Innovation Centre

The Technology & Innovation Centre brings together academics from the University of Strathclyde and across the Scottish university sector to work together with industry partners.

Delivering real tangible solutions to technical and business problems, our landmark facilities combine expertise and strengths in engineering, science, business, and humanities and social science.

Our services

The Technology & Innovation Centre houses specialist, shared and flexible laboratory facilities where industry can work with world class researchers in a range of bespoke services that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Projects can include:

a one off piece of contract research
long lasting collaborative research
participation in a consortium with other businesses with common interests

What you can expect from us

Industries who are working in collaboration with our world leading research centres have experienced:

access to world class academics to accelerate the pace of their research and development
revolutionary solutions to complex and difficult industry issues
an enhanced business competitive standing in global markets
a cost-effective approach to research work and an up skilled workforce
increased productivity and reduced costs due to more efficient and better quality operations
the opportunity to be part of the innovation of the future

With a clear focus on upholding our goal of a ‘useful place of learning’, we remain dedicated to ensuring our world leading research facilities remain the best in their field. Ranging from power generation to health technologies we offer industry the opportunity to make an impact on society.
Our experts

Find out all about the teams working in TIC:

Atoms, Beams & Plasma (ABP)
Centre for Ultra Engineering (CUE)
Centre for Microsystems & Photonics (CMP)
Centre for Excellence in Signal Imaging Processing (CESIP)
Centre for Intelligent Dynamic Communications (CIDCOM)
Intelligent Light Centre
Institute of Photonics
Oil & Gas Institute
EEE: Power and Energy – Micro grid, Demand Side, Power Electronics, HV & Sensors and Autoclave
Future Cities
Strathclyde Zone for Satellite Applications/ Space Catapult
Weir Advanced Research Centre (WARC)
Continuous Manufacturing & Crystallisation (CMAC)
Energy Technology Partnership (ETP)

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