Research Areas provided by University of Ulster - Geography and Environmental Sciences

Research Area Contact
Beach morphodynamics Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Climate change impacts on the coastal zone Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Coastal marine ecosystems Chris McGonigle
Coastal, shelf and estuarine hydrodynamics Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Estuarine dynamics and processes Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Glaciers and sea level change Andrew Cooper
Integrated coastal zone management Derek Jackson; Andrew Cooper
Sea level change and impacts for society Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Sediment transport: physics and modelling Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence Derek Jackson; Andrew Cooper
Storm surges and coastal flooding Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Coastal sediment transport: physics and modelling Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping Paul Dunlop; Sara Benetti; Derek Jackson; Rory Quinn; Carlos Loureiro; Ruth Plets; Chris McGonigle; Andrew Cooper
Deep-water habitat mapping and ecosystems Sara Benetti; Chris McGonigle
Habitat mapping Chris McGonigle
High performance computing Chris McGonigle
Ice sheet modelling Paul Dunlop
Ice-climate interactions Paul Dunlop
Marine systems modelling Chris McGonigle
Modelling of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and sediment transport Carlos Loureiro
Remote sensing Carlos Loureiro; Chris McGonigle; Paul Dunlop
Shelf and coastal processes and impacts Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping Chris McGonigle
Species distribution models Chris McGonigle
Benthic biogeochemical processes Billy Hunter
Biodiversity and regulation of biogeochemical cycles Billy Hunter
Biogeochemistry Billy Hunter
Carbon cycling and carbon flux through ecosystems Billy Hunter
Interactions between biological communities and biogeochemical processes Billy Hunter
Major nutrients Billy Hunter
Benthic communities and natural and anthropogenic impacts Chris McGonigle
Ecology - benthic Billy Hunter; Chris McGonigle
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality Billy Hunter
Biological proxies of environmental change Billy Hunter
Biophysical processes Chris McGonigle
Coastal marine biology Chris McGonigle
Deep-sea macrofaunal community ecology Billy Hunter
Ecological stoichiometry Billy Hunter
Ecology - Microbial Billy Hunter
Ecology - population and community Chris McGonigle
Ecology - Temporal and spatial behavioural ecology Chris McGonigle
Ecology – Marine invertebrates Chris McGonigle
Environmental microbiology Joerg Arnscheidt
Foraminfera, benthic and planktonic Sara Benetti; Paul Dunlop
Impacts of warming and hypoxia on marine communities Billy Hunter
Marine invertebrates Chris McGonigle
Natural and anthropogenic impacts on benthic communities Billy Hunter
Nutrient biogeochemistry Billy Hunter
Nutrient pollution Joerg Arnscheidt
Carbon cycle Billy Hunter
Continental shelves, passive margins, ocean basins and ocean islands Sara Benetti; Paul Dunlop
Earth surface processes Rory Quinn; Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Sara Benetti; Andrew Cooper; Paul Dunlop
Geohazards Sara Benetti
Geology and geophysics Sara Benetti; Ruth Plets; Paul Dunlop
Geomicrobiology Billy Hunter
Geomorphology Sara Benetti; Derek Jackson; Carlos Loureiro; Andrew Cooper
Glacial geomorphology and sedimentology Sara Benetti; Ruth Plets; Paul Dunlop
Glacial sedimentary processes Sara Benetti; Paul Dunlop
Sea floor and habitat mapping Rory Quinn; Ruth Plets; Chris McGonigle; Sara Benetti
Sedimentology Sara Benetti
Arctic palaeo environmental change Paul Dunlop
Holocene/Quaternary palaeoceanography Sara Benetti; Paul Dunlop
Palaeo sea level Ruth Plets
Palaeoceanography Sara Benetti
Palaeoclimate, Palaeoclimatology and rapid climatic events Paul Dunlop
Hydrodynamic modelling Carlos Loureiro; Chris McGonigle
Surface wave climate Carlos Loureiro
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Chris McGonigle
Instruments and sensors Chris McGonigle
Novel sensors Chris McGonigle
Sea bed development opportunities Sara Benetti
Underwater acoustics Chris McGonigle
Ecosystem modelling Chris McGonigle
Archaeology Ruth Plets