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Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers from Valeport, the world leaders in Sound Velocity technology – a position achieved by both innovative development and meticulous attention to detail throughout the design, manufacture and especially calibration processes. Having been established at the forefront of this field nearly a decade ago with Digital Time of Flight technology, Valeport have now made a series of incremental changes to reinforce that position, ensuring that Valeport SV sensors offer levels of performance that are demonstrably far in excess of even the latest offerings from our competitors.

Genuine Accuracy of ±0.02m/s (Total Error Budget)
Precision (peak to peak noise) of ±0.002m/s
Operating range of 1375m/s to 1900m/s (covering all environments from fresh water to the Dead Sea and the Marianas Trench)
Data rates up to 60Hz (instrument dependent)

As well as having a range of standard products, we are also able to offer customised solutions, thanks to our in-house design and manufacture capability.

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