Institutions researching Human impact on marine ecosystems

Researched at Contact / Expert
University of Exeter - Exeter Marine Neil Adger, Katrina Brown, Regan Early
Sea Mammal Research Unit
Newcastle University - School of Natural and Environmental Science Nick Polunin, Heather Sugden
University of Swansea - Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research
Scottish Association for Marine Science
British Antarctic Survey
University of Sheffield - Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Bangor University - School of Ocean Sciences Stuart Jenkins, Chris Richardson, John Turner, Hilary Kennedy, Martin Skov, Mike Kaiser, Jan Hiddink, Gareth Williams
Heriot-Watt University Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
University of Nottingham - Civil Engineering, Geography, Mathematics Odette Paramor
University of Plymouth - Marine Institute Martin Attrill
University of Portsmouth - Institute of Marine Sciences Alex Ford, Gordon Watson, Simon Cragg, Paul Farrell, Trevor Willis, Joy Watts, Frederica Raggazola, Pierre Failler
University of Hull - School of Environmental Sciences