Institutions researching Climate modelling, variability and change

Researched at Contact / Expert
Met Office
University of East Anglia - School of Environmental Sciences
University of Oxford - Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics Laure Zanna
University of Portsmouth - Institute of Marine Sciences Nick Pepin
Newcastle University - School of Natural and Environmental Science Miguel Maqueda
University of Bristol - Cabot Institute Paul Valdes, Dan Lunt
National Oceanography Centre Adrian New, Bablu Sinha, Jason Holt, Alex Megann, Adam Baker
University of Sheffield - Geography David J. Wilton, Julie Jones
British Antarctic Survey
University College London Chris Brierley
University of Exeter - Exeter Marine Stephan Harrison, Mat Collins, Katy Sheen
University of Cambridge - Department of Earth Sciences David Hodell, Mike Bickle, Neil Davies, Thomas Bauska, Judith Bunbury
Bangor University - School of Ocean Sciences Mattias Green, Tom Rippeth, Gareth Williams