Fish Farm Predator Control


The Universal Scrammer 3 (US3) is a complete deterrent system designed to deter predators from fish farms. Using components tailored to your particular site, such as acoustic noisemakers, electric netting and triggering devices, Ace Aquatec can offer fish farmers the most comprehensive and effective deterrent system on the market. The system can be employed in a range of applications including on all fixed cages as well as beside wild salmon bag nets. The system is an environmentally friendly deterrent because it uses sophisticated technology designed to limit the impact on non target species and reduce the chances of habituation and deafness in seals. The US3 is used by many of the largest fish farming companies in Scotland and across the globe. Quotations are calculated depending on required coverage, using the number of cages, grid size and cage size. Full videos, presentations and manuals are available to view online. By consistently protecting your fish and responding to results Ace Aquatec’s US3 quickly pays for itself.

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Nathan Pyne-Carter
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