Ace Aquatec Ltd.

Ace Aquatec is a leading company in acoustic systems for marine and aquaculture application and electric stunning systems for fish farms.

• Used by many of the largest fish farms in the UK and internationally, our fish farm systems offer state of the art solutions to predation and humane slaughter.
• Used by some of USA’s biggest fishing fleets our hull deterrents have an excellent reputation for reducing predation on catch.
• Used by many of the largest installers of offshore wind farms our mitigation devices are recommended by many of the government organisations seeking to reduce negative impacts on marine mammals.

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Nathan Pyne-Carter
Ace Aquatec Ltd. 16B City Quay, Dundee, DD1 3JA
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Consultancy Services and Products

Fish Farm Predator Control Nathan Pyne-Carter
Fish Farm Processing Equipment Nathan Pyne-Carter
Ocean fishing predator control Nathan Pyne-Carter
Offshore Marine Mammal Conflict Mitigation Nathan Pyne-Carter