Ocean fishing predator control


The hull deterrent (HD) creates uses the same range of deterring sounds as our US3 deterrent for fish farms to create a hull mounted deterrent for deterring marine predators from coming into conflict with fishing vessels. Using components tailored to your particular needs, such as deck control system, mains or battery operating, manual or automated controls, Ace Aquatec can offer its customers the most advanced deterrent device for avoiding predation on long fishing lines. The system can be employed in a range of applications including on the hulls of halibut, squid and other welfare friendly long line fishing vessels. The system is an environmentally friendly device because it supports fishermen who use long line fishing as an alternative to trawling, while avoiding conflicts between fishermen and predators. Our customers include many of the largest long line vessels in USA and Canada. Quotations are calculated depending on the size of the line being deployed and the type of predator. Full videos, presentations and manuals will shortly be available to view online. Ace Aquatec continues to innovate and develop its products to provide the most effective deterrent solution for long line fishermen.

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