Offshore Marine Mammal Conflict Mitigation


The marine mammal mitigation device (MMD) creates an exclusion zone to protect marine mammals from harmful underwater environments. Using components tailored to your particular needs, such as sonar triggering, radio transmission, automated or manual control, Ace Aquatec can offer its customers the most advanced and widely used mitigation device on the market. The system can be employed in a range of applications including prior to pile driving, after oil spills, alongside underwater turbines to name but a few. The system is an environmentally friendly device because it uses sophisticated technology designed to exclude a wide range of species and can be calibrated to employ sonar triggering to target incoming mammals approaching danger. Our customers include many of the largest offshore equipment suppliers both in Europe and across the globe. Quotations are calculated depending on the size of the exclusion zone required and the precise nature of the application. Full videos, presentations and manuals are available to view online. Ace Aquatec continues to innovate and develop its products to provide the most effective mitigation solution to reduce impact on marine mammals.

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