Micro-Molecular laboratories

Equipment Type: Laboratory

The laboratories specialise in molecular biology and microbiology. They are all classified as Containment Level 2.

Molecular Biology

The Antarctic Genomics Laboratory (AnGeL) is used for the extraction of DNA and RNA from biological samples. A PCR and electrophoresis laboratory is used for the amplification and visualisation of DNA fragments, including gel electrophoresis. Another laboratory is dedicated to the extraction of DNA from samples where there is a requirement to work in an area free from contamination. These samples are likely to be small or microscopic organisms with a low DNA yield or historic samples where the DNA is likely to be degraded.


The laboratories are used for work with microbial cultures, terrestrial samples such as soils, mosses, lichens and liverworts, and environmental samples such as water or snow. The lab has two microbiological safety cabinets for culture work. These give protection to the user from any risk of infection from pathogens that may be present in samples and protect the sample from contamination from the user or laboratory environment. They are also used for DNA extraction and PCR reaction set-up from sensitive environmental samples.

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