Research Stations

Equipment Type: Field Station

Marine and marine-related research is conducted from a number of the Research Stations operated by BAS, including Rothera (Antarctic Peninsula), Halley (on the Brunt Ice Shelf adjacent to the Weddell Sea), Signy (in the South Orkney Islands), Ny Alesund (on Svalbard, on the edge of the high Arctic), and Bird Island and King Edward Point (on South Georgia; note that KEP is operated on behalf of the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands).

The equipment used to conduct this research includes a wide range of ship-borne instrumentation (profiling instrumentation, underway surface sensors, meteorological sensors, single-beam echosounders, swath bathymetry systems, sub-bottom profilers etc) plus deployable/recoverable instrumentation.

The research stations feature a range of scientific laboratories and equipment, including an aquarium and dive facility at Rothera, a clean-air laboratory at Halley, fisheries research laboratories at King Edward Point, and so on. Further information

The Cambridge site has laboratories and equipment for marine research including a cold-water aquarium, advanced computing systems, a genetics laboratory, and other facilities. Further information

BAS logistics/infrastructure are operated on behalf of the UK research community. Access by those outside the organisation can be obtained by writing a successful funding application to NERC; in addition, a separate scheme (the Collaborative Gearing Scheme, CGS) exists for people who require such access and do not have NERC grant funding or other funding in place. Further information

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