RRS Ernest Shackleton

Equipment Type: Ship

RRS Ernest Shackleton (ES), launched in 1995, is primarily a logistics vessel used to transport cargo, fuel and passengers. The ship also has a basic scientific capability and undertakes some research work. During the northern summer, the ES is commercially chartered and usually works in the North Sea. Built by Kverner Klevin Leirvik A/S, Norway as the MV Polar Queen for the Rieber Shipping of Bergen she was deployed in the Antarctic by other national programmes before being acquired by The British Antarctic Survey in August 1999.

The vessel was renamed RRS Ernest Shackleton after the famed polar explorer.

The vessel is ice strengthened and capable of a wide range of logistic tasks as well as having a scientific capability.

She has a cargo tender “Tula” on deck for ship-to-shore transfer of equipment for those occasions when the ship cannot berth alongside.

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