Magnetic observatory

Equipment Type: Magnetic observatory

BGS operates three magnetic observatories in the UK. These provide the high quality, near-real-time data that underpins products we provide for scientific research, as well as for the directional drilling industry and space weather users. The Geomagnetism team have attained one hundred percent data coverage from the UK observatories since 2005.

BGS also operate five overseas magnetic observatories and takes a leading role in the expansion of the global network of digital magnetic observatories, both for improved global field modelling and for local commercial application of the data.

The repeat station survey delivers a programme of annual magnetic measurements across the UK for the purpose of producing a high accuracy, regional model of the magnetic field. The UK model is also used to supply the Ordnance Survey with current and projected magnetic north data for publication on their maps.

BGS is also holds the records of historic magnetic data from past observatories in the UK and some former British colonial countries. Since 2008 we have been systematically digitisging these magnetogram records, yearbooks and other documents.

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