Marine Data at The British Geological Survey (BGS)

Equipment Type: Marine Data at the British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey (BGS) maintain several collections of marine data, information and material as part of the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC), as a Marine Environment Data and Information Network (MEDIN) Data Archive Centre (DAC) and under other initiatives such as The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) data portal and The National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (NHDA).

Geological, geophysical and environmental data on the seabed and sub seabed are used to underpin the marine science undertaken by the BGS and the wider user community in the UK and beyond. These data are used in a range of projects, such as MAREMAP, and in the creation of BGS digital products.

These data are managed by the BGS for the long-term benefit of all and are available online and without charge where possible. However, some data are still in analogue form or are not yet processed for online delivery and in these cases there may be a charge to cover the administration involved in data preparation and delivery. Some data may be subject to terms of use agreed with data providers.

Available for use/hire by external contacts