Green Shipping

Setting the gold Standard

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) have been designing and manufacturing sensors and systems for aquatic environments for over 50 years, which includes developing environmental maritime equipment for Green Shipping Technology.

With our historic expertise in fluorometers, phytoplankton and ambient environmental parameters, we have developed Sea Sentry for compliance monitoring of wash water from exhaust gas scrubber systems and FastBallast for compliance monitoring of ballast water discharge. CTG’s solutions are setting the gold standard in delivering monitoring solutions that help owners, operators and regulators ensure that stringent national and IMO compliance standards for washwater from exhaust gas scrubbers and for ballast water discharge are being met.

Products include

Sea Sentry - Wash Water Monitor for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

FastBallast: Portable Ballast Water Compliance Monitor

FastBallast: Integrated Ballast Water Compliance Monitor

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