Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors and systems to monitor various parameters of water. Based in West Molesey, Surrey, CTG employs 35 engineers and scientists producing systems for the maritime, marine science, water environmental, defence & process control markets. Disciplines include: mechanical design, product design, electronics, software, science & technology and manufacturing.

CTG specialises in optical, acoustic and physical sensors measuring temperature, conductivity, hydrocarbons, fluorescence, water clarity and primary productivity.

"Our customers have been using our high quality sensors and systems in a wide range of applications," said Justin Dunning, Sales Manager. "Submariners are using them to understand the environment they pass through, water authorities are using them to test water supplies. Scientists globally monitor changes in oceanic algae and the effects on climate change. Shipping companies have installed our state-of- the-art in-line sensors to monitor exhaust gas cleaning systems and assess the real time performance of ballast water treatment systems. Our highly sensitive hydrocarbon fluorometers are used in glider based systems to provide persistent, real time monitoring of hydrocarbon levels around drilling and production platforms. Demand for the CTG sensors and systems has also come from the process control, food and automobile industries."

Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Dr Brian Phillips, Managing Director
55 Central Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2QZ
Switchboard Number: 
020 8481 9000

Consultancy Services and Products

Defence Dr Brian Phillips
Green Shipping Stephanie Lavelle
Marine Science Justin Dunning
Multi-parameter Sensors & Systems Justin Dunning
Process Control Dr John Attridge
Water Environmental Products Justin Dunning