Water Environmental Products

Water Environmental Products

CTG offer a range of robust high performance sensor solutions to the environmental monitoring & water utility sectors, providing both individual sensors and complete systems to measure the following parameters: Algae, Dye tracing, CDOM, Bacteria, BOD, Hydrocarbons & Turbidity. These sensors can provide benefits within both environmental monitoring systems & water process plant monitoring (potable & waste) in areas such as filter monitoring & management, disinfection by-product formation potential, coagulation control, bacteria & organic loading, taste & odour, hydrocarbon contamination of water sources and efficacy of bacterial removal systems.

Download sensor applications summary sheets:

Sensor Applications for the Water Supply & Recovery Sectors
Sensor Applications for the Environmental Sector

Algal Monitoring (ALGAE-Station/Wader, FastOcean & Act2)
Hydrocarbon Monitoring (OIL-Station/Wader, UV AquaTracka)
Bacteria/Tryptophan Monitoring (BACTI-Station, BACTI-Wader)
Biological Oxygen Demand Monitoring (BOD-Station/Wader)
CDOM Monitoring (CDOM-Station, CDOM-Station Pro)
Turbidity Monitoring (TurbiLux Station, UniLux Turbidity)

Loggers & Displays for LUX range of sensors (Hawk, Watchkeeper)

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