Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Our team has a rich experience in renewable energy and environmental fields. We have partnerships within hydrogen, biomass, waste and renewable energy research and industrial functions, with a special emphasis
on marine renewables.

Marine Renewables

ERI has developed considerable expertise in the emergent marine renewable sector and offers consultancy services in the following key areas:

Regional tidal resource assessment and modelling.
Regional constraint mapping.
Site specific tidal resource assessment and modelling.
Site specific constraint mapping.
Weather windowing for commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of marine energy devices.
Ecological effects of marine renewable devices.
Benthic sample processing and species identification.
Creation of benthic habitat maps.

This experience and expertise has been garnered through our involvement in a number of large renewable energy projects. Clients are able to gain direct access to senior staff and we have our own survey vessel, the RV ERI Aurora equipped with ADCP, CTD and other instuments.

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