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The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) is part of the UHI-North Highland College. We have rapidly evolving research profile and provide a high quality, vibrant research environment. Our young, highly-motivated team have the ethos of multi- and inter-disciplinary securely embedded. The ERI has become a focus for promoting excellence in research in the region, largely due to the ability of its investigators to work with stakeholder, commercial, academic and educational organisations alike.

The ERI is a centre of aspiration that seeks to be internationally recognised for distinctive and innovative environmental science. We work with partners throughout Europe and as far afield as North and South America, Asia and Australia. With easy access to outstanding natural resources in the Pentland Firth and Flow Country, and a range of analytical and field equipment, we seek to address emerging issues related to improving our understanding of the natural environment.

State-of-the-art laboratory, meeting and office facilities in our prestigious new Centre for Energy and Environment (CfEE) complement the facilities at our Castle Street base. Recent programmes include multi-million pound marine renewable energy programmes (MERIKA, TURNKEY); bioenergy projects funded by EU Northern Periphery Programme, and development of a multi–disciplinary peatland research hub.

Learning is at the core of our activity and we aim to provide a high quality educational experience for all students whether undertaking higher education courses or studying for doctorate degrees. ERI is committed to making research accessible to a wide audience and our outreach agenda supports the school curricula as well as delivering benefits to the public, policy makers and the local economy.

We are based in the small town of Thurso in the county of Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland at the heart of some world class natural resources. We are located close to the Pentland Firth and Flow Country, and these incredible natural resources enable us to deliver acclaimed research, education, and training, as well as other commercial services, consultancy, and knowledge exchange.

Our mission is to address contemporary environmental issues and advance understanding of the sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources. We aspire to dynamic leadership through excellence in scientific research, innovation and education.

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Environmental Research Institute, Castle Street, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7JD
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01847 889574

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