Marine Consents


Regulation of infrastructure development in the marine environment can be complex. The regulatory system of marine consents, licences and permissions facilitates the sustainable use of the UK marine area so that marine industries can be permitted whilst minimising their negative effects on the environment and human health as well as preventing interference with other legitimate uses of the sea. Professor Dickon Howell, led the development and implementation of marine licensing in England as delivered by the Marine Management Organisation.

We can provide certainty to developers and investors on all aspects of marine regulation, both nationally and internationally, whether in pre-application, application or post consent and across all industries. This certainty can reduce consenting time for developers and provide greater assurance for investors.

We can provide the following services

  • Advice on the delivery of marine consents and licences through feasibility, pre-application, application and post consent for all marine development including ports, coastal development, offshore wind, oil and gas, wave and tidal energy
  • The development of innovative approaches to marine regulation
  • Advice on ensuring compliance with EU Regulation such as the Habitats Regulations, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive
  • Working as an intelligent client for any company wishing to gain marine consents and licences
  • Advice on the implications of marine spatial planning for marine development
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