Howell Marine Consulting

Managing our marine space requires innovative solutions to deliver sustainability for our environment, our economy and our society. We can provide you with the advice and expertise to enable the delivery of such solutions.

Howell Marine Consulting are experts in all aspects of integrated marine management including marine spatial planning, consenting and regulation, marine policy, marine conservation, and fisheries management. We have many years’ experience of working within the public, private and academic sectors to further the sustainable management of our marine space.


Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Professor Dickon Howell
Howell Marine Consulting, 4 High Hauxley, Morpeth, ​NE65 0JW
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07919 616716

Consultancy Services and Products

Earth Observation Dickon Howell
Expert Witness Dickon Howell
Fisheries Management Dickon Howell
Integrated Marine Management Dickon Howell
Marine Consents Dickon Howell
Marine Conservation Dickon Howell
Marine Policy Dickon Howell
Marine Spatial Planning Dickon Howell
Science to Policy Dickon Howell