Science to Policy


Work within the academic community relating to our management of the marine environment has the potential not only to have a huge impact on the wellbeing and economy of the UK, but globally. It is important that researchers consider the potential beneficiaries and pathways to impacts whilst planning their research project to ensure that their projects can deliver benefits such as economic growth, increasing the effectiveness of public services and policy and enhancing quality of life, health and creative output. At HMC we are experts in the practical application of academic research to marine management and have significant experience working with government, its agencies and the research councils to ensure
that UK marine science has maximum impact.

We can provide the following services:

  • Advice in developing or delivering academic programmes or projects relevant to integrated marine management
  • Advice on the development of new technology to support marine management
  • Alignment of science programmes with policy drivers and delivery requirements
  • Provision of expertise into any project team working on any aspect of integrated marine management
  • Engagement with the public sector to ensure that academic research is developed and implemented in a manner to achieve the highest impact
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Dickon Howell
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