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Hydroid is a field-proven technology leader in advanced marine robotics specifically, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art solutions for use in a number of industry applications including marine research, commercial and defence.

Located in the U.S., Hydroid is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, the world’s most trusted manufacturer of advanced Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The REMUS, HUGIN and Seaglider AUVs provide innovative and reliable full-picture solutions. Together, they represent the most advanced, diversified and field-proven family of AUVs and vehicle support systems in the world.
Revolutionizing Undersea Exploration

Ocean exploration has traditionally been dominated by surface ship technology. Hydroid’s REMUS AUVs are changing that.

Our AUVs can dive to depths of 6,000 meters, explore shallow waters and hover in hazardous areas where navigation is difficult. These vehicles reduce the high cost of ocean exploration and sampling, while increasing the availability of scientific marine data.

Our AUVs have been involved with undersea mine countermeasures that have helped save lives by eliminating human divers from mine fields and have helped solve plane and ship disaster mysteries, including locating Air France Flight 447 wreckage and generating 3D mapping of the Titanic. Our vehicles offer scientists a new view on pressing global issues including climate change, the world’s declining fish population and environmental disasters.

Hydroid is an Associate Member within the NOC Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

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Richard Williams, Regional Manager
Unit 17, Murrills Estate, Porchester, Fareham, PO16 9RD
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+44 2392 417 222

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