Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Products include:

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Seaglider

SEAGLIDERâ„¢ AUV has revolutionised the way that oceanographic data is collected. Extremely long endurance allows collection of data at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Researchers, naval planners and commercial enterprises around the world are using these vehicles in a wide variety of applications.

Autonmous Underwater Vehicle, MUNIN

MUNIN AUVs are designed to collect high resolution sonar data geo-referenced by a survey grade positioning system. It is an efficient compact vehicle design, providing for easier launch and recovery and the possibility of using smaller launch vessels.

Autonomous Underwater vehicle, HUGIN

HUGIN AUVs boast operational experience from commercial and naval operations. Hugin operations have taken place in all parts of the world, in shallow to deep water, in arctic and tropical waters.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, REMUS 100
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, REMUS 600
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, REMUS 6000

REMUS AUV has been a tremendous success with more than 250 vehicles delivered. Remus vehicles are used in a wide number of applications including navies, hydrography and marine research. Three different models available.

Autonomous/Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Unmanned surface vehicle
Unmanned surface Vehicles - GeoSwath 4R USV offers efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan mapping using an unmanned remotely operated surface vehicle. The market leading wide swath sonar system - GeoSwath Plus, has been closely integrated with ancillary sensors and communication links into a proven remote controlled platform for quick and easy deployment and operation. This remote hydrographic survey boat allows surveying in locations and situations in which deployment of conventional platforms is not practicable or hazardous.

Launch and Recovery System for AUV and ROV

NavLab - Generic simulation and post-processing navigation software

Underwater vehicle instruments

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