Current Profiler


The Signature1000 ADCP is the optimal tool for turbulence measurements. With a maximum sampling frequency of 16 Hz, it gives the scientific community an unprecedented opportunity to study a part of the turbulence spectrum that has never been accessible before. Vertical resolution current profiles of 2 cm over a range of up to 8 m further increase the Signature1000’s versatility, as does its ability to measure wave height and direction. The center beam also functions as a biological echosounder, enabling high-resolution measurements of biomass in the water column.

The Signature500 ADCP is designed for flexibility. It measures current profiles at up to 8 Hz sampling frequency. It can also measure direct vertical velocity profiles, wave height and direction, and ice thickness and drift. The center beam also functions as a biological echosounder, enabling high-resolution measurements of biomass in the water column. All these features can be combined using Nortek’s patented concurrent mode technology.

The Signature250 ADCP is a medium-range current profiler with a suite of extra features. It has a current profiling range of 200 m, and can measure wave height, period and direction at depths as great as 150 m. The Signature250 ADCP can also measure ice thickness, as well as the speed and direction of drifting ice. Its compact design and low power consumption make it an ideal tool for long-term deployments in all waters.

The Signature100 combines a four-beam current profiler operating at 100 kHz with an optional scientific echosounder.

Both the current profiler and the biomass measurements have an effective range of 300-400 m providing unprecedented insight into the dynamics of zooplankton, krill or even schools of fish. Likewise, acoustic tracer material can give new insight into small-scale physical processes.

The Signature55 ADCP is a current profiler that combines an ultralong range with a compact layout. Novel ADCP transducer design allows 1000 m profiles concurrent with slightly shorter-range, finer resolution measurements using two different frequencies in the same instrument. The more than 90% lower power consumption (compared to similar ADCPs) also permits long-duration deployments operating on internal batteries only.

Aquadropp Profilers 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 600 kHz, 400 kHz

The Aquadopp Profilers are highly versatile Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) available in four profiling range options, from < 1 m to > 85 m. Designed for simple yet powerful operation, this current profiler is packed with features used by engineers and researchers to enable accurate and effective hydrodynamic data collection in a variety of environmental conditions.

The Aquadopp Z-Cell 1 MHz and 600 kHz

Need to collect accurate 3D currents very near the seabed or sea surface, in addition to a full water-column profile? The Z-Cell (Zero Cell) Aquadopp allows current measurement to start right at the instrument’s level through an innovative approach: it has side-looking beams fully integrated into the instrument’s head, effectively removing the blanking distance normally applicable to ADCPs.

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