Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL)

OSIL provide integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. Fully instrumented data buoys and monitoring platforms are tailored to customer requirements and operational needs, and may feature a range of instruments including Multiparameter Sondes, Current Meters/Profilers, CTDs, SVs and Meteorological sensors.

OSIL offer a wide variety of sediment coring equipment, from off-the-shelf grabs and box (spade) corers, to bespoke coring systems such as the Gravity Corer, Piston Corer (available in lengths from 3m to 60m), Vibrocorer for dense or compacted sediments or the industry standard Multiple Corer for undisturbed sediment sampling.

OSIL are the world leading experts in the field of salinity measurement, operating the IAPSO standard Seawater Service using the world standard in salinometers, as well as offering a range of other calibration and nutrient standards.

OSIL also has an in-house Marine Instrument Service and Calibration Centre which offers calibration, servicing, repair and technical support for many of the laboratory and in-situ marine instruments that they supply.

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Richard Williams, Managing Director
Culkin House, C7/C8 Endeavour Business Park, Penner Road, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1QN, United Kingdom
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+44 (0)2392 488240

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