Sediment Sampling

Sediment Sampling

A range of seabed sampling equipment is available from OSIL, from off the shelf items such as grabs and box corers to bespoke coring systems including gravity corers, piston corers (up to 42m) and vibrocorers for dense or compacted sediments. A range of multiple corers can provide samples with an undisturbed sediment/water interface.

Water sampling devices are also available, including single or multiple remote operating bottles. Two sizes of Marine Snow Catcher are available, and the rectangular midwater trawl (RMT) net provides an opening and closing net system for the collection of mid-water plankton and nekton.

OSIL offers:
Systems tailored to individual project requirements
Global deployment and recovery experience
Experienced field personnel
State-of-the-art equipment
High data return rates

Recent Projects
Multiple Corer, CSA Ocean Sciences
Vibrocorer & Dredge Monitoring System, Mediterranean
Giant Piston Corer, GSI
Giant Marine Snow Catchers, NOC (UK)
Giant Piston Corer, Jamstec
Giant Piston Corer, KIOST
Lightweight Vibrocorer, University of Gdansk
Multiple Corer, University of Gdansk
Marine Snow Catcher, Alfred Wegener Institute

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