Centre for Applied Marine Sciences

Increasing the impact of marine research: the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences (CAMS) links academic research to real-world applications; all our projects are defined by end user needs and results are rapidly applied to specific issues.

Marine Science Expertise: We have over 30 staff dedicated to specific projects, plus we draw upon the multi-disciplinary skills of over 100 members of staff at the School of Ocean Sciences, one of the largest academic marine science centres in Europe.

Access to Specialist Resources: we can provide access to a wide range of specialist facilities and equipment, laboratories, computing facilities as well as the research vessel Prince Madog and a fleet of smaller vessels.

Collaborative research: We work with partners in industry, national and international agencies and government in a range of relationships including strategic programmes, collaborative research, contract research and consultancy.

CAMS consists of the following specialist divisions:

Analytical Chemistry
Applied Marine Biology
Applied Oceanography
Coastal Zone Management
Marine Geosciences
Survey and Instrumentation

CAMS can assist with:

Contract research
Collaborative research programmes
Business support initiatives

Staff listing contact details are found: http://www.cams.bangor.ac.uk/staff.php.en

The University of Bangor works in partnership with the Universities of Swansea and Aberystwyth in a partnership called SEACAMS: http://www.seacams.ac.uk/

Facilities at SEACAMS: http://www.seacams.ac.uk/facilities/

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Lewis Levay, Director
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