Research Area: Biogeochemistry

Areas of study

Biogeochemistry; organic geochemistry; biomarker applications in modern and palaeoenvironmental settings; organic matter cycling and preservation in marine sediments; studies of natural and pollutant organic compounds in marine and terrestrial environments.

Carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis; Carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs; Modelling of Carbonate Systems; Reef evolution and palaeoecology; Biomineralisation and evolution of sea water chemistry

Marine biogeochemistry, with a particular emphasis on carbon and nitrogen dynamics, stable and radiocarbon isotope geochemistry
Polar oceanography and climate-ice-ocean-ecosystem interactions
Quaternary paleoceanography, proxy development and evaluation

Quantification of marine biogeochemical fluxes using isotopes of the natural U/Th decay series, comprising:

present and past particle fluxes to the sea floor
interactions between the dissolved, colloidal and particulate pools of substances in the ocean
biogeochemical cycling of trace elements in the ocean
vertical mixing and deep upwelling in the ocean
marine geochemistry of thorium, protactinium, uranium, actinium, and radium

Contact Name: 
Gregory Cowie, Rachel Wood, Sian Henley, Walter Geibert