Geobiology and Geochemistry

Research Area: Geochemistry

Ian Butler is an experimental geoscientist and geochemist interested in the application of laboratory techniques and experiments to understand geological and geochemical processes. The majority of my research has focused on the kinetics and mechanism of geochemical processes in low temperature and hydrothermal environments and particularly processes in anoxic sulfidic environments where the geochemistry of metals is controlled by their interactions with sulfide. I also have an interest in processes associated with metalliferous mineralisation in hydrothermal environments at mid-ocean ridges. In addition to geochemical studies I make use of x-ray microtomography for visualisation and quantificatio of processes within geological media, in particular investigations of flow and reaction of fluids within porous media.

Godfrey Fitton research areas:

Petrology and geochemistry of basic volcanic rocks in large igneous provinces (especially North Atlantic and Ontong Java Plateau). Nature and origin of mantle plumes. Development of X-ray fluorescence analytical techniques.

Dick Kroon research areas:

Earth System Science - From Crust to Core
Geobiology and Geochemistry

Alex Thomas research areas:
Isotope and trace element geochemistry, geochronology, paleocliamte, sea level, ocean chemistry

Contact Name: 
Ian Butler, Godfrey Fitton, Dick , Alexander Thomas