Research Area: Glaciers and sea level change

I am a glaciologist with particular interests in using geophysical techniques to investigate the subglacial environment. I have an especial focus on Antarctica, though also work at times in the Arctic. I also work on landscape evolution, especially in the field of linking the modern subglacial environment beneath the contemporary ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland to deglaciated landscapes left behind by the retreat of ice sheets across the Northern Hemisphere. At the moment I have active research involvement in several NERC-funded projects in West Antarctica, including the NERC iSTAR programme on Pine Island Glacier, and projects on the Bellingshausen Sea coast and Weddell Sea area. The overarching goal is to understand better the interactions between the ocean, climate, underlying basal processes and the ice in the Earth's largest repository of ice, so as better to be able to predict its future contribution to global sea-level rise.

Contact Name: 
Robert Bingham