Equipment and Facilities held by National Oceanography Centre

Equipment Type
60Mpa pressure vessels, acoustic and electrical tomography Pressure Vessels
ADCP landers Landers
Anaerobic Chamber Anaerobic Chamber
Apollo SciTech AS-D1 Isotope Analyzer
Autonomous underwater vehicles Autonomous Underwater vehicles
Ballasting tank Ballasting tank
Biological collections Biological Collection
British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility Core storage
British Oceanographic Data Centre British Oceanographic Data Centre
Calibration Laboratory Laboratory
Cary 60 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer
Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer
Clean systems Clean Systems
CO2 CV Sensors Sensors
CO2 sensor atmos Sensors
Container Laboratories Laboratory
Coulometer, UIC Inorganic Carbon detection equipment
Deep ocean bottom pressure recorders Deep ocean bottom pressure recorders
DeepTrekker Mini-ROV Remotely operated vehicles
Digestion Instrument Digestion Instrument
Edgetech 4200FS Sidescan Sonar Sidescan Sonar
Edwards Vacuum Pumps Pumping System
Flowcam 8400 Particle Size Analyzer
Flowcam Macro Particle Size Analyzer
GC-FID Gas Chromatograph
Helium Porosimeter Nitrogen Permeameter Gas Permeator
HPC clusters HPC clusters
HYBIS Remotely operated vehicles
ICP-OES Spectrophotometer
Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) Spectroscopy Facility
Innova U725-Green Upright -86°C Freezer Freezer
Ion Chromatograph Chromatography
Isco Pumping System Pumping System
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Mass Spectrometer
Kongsberg M3 500kHz ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
LISST-Holo 2 Camera equipment
Low Level Beta Counter Beta Counter
Malvern Mast 3000 Particle Size Analyzer
Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems - Gliders Gliders
Marine Information and Advisory Services Library
Metrohm Ti-Touch Element Analyzers
Metrohm UV Digester Digestion Instrument
Microcat ODO CTD
Microplastics Analyser Microplastics Analyser
Moorings Moorings
Muffle Furnace Muffle Furnace
MYRTLE X Landers
National Marine Facilities National Marine Facilities
Norbit iWBMS Multibeam System Multibeam
Particle Size Analyser Particle Size Analyzer
Perkin Elmer 400/Frontier Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging System Microscopy
Phantom 4 Drone Drone
Picarro G2201-i with Caddy A2100 Isotope Analyzer
Polarising Microscope Microscopy
Portable Multibeam Bathymetry System Multibeam
Pressure testing facilities Pressure testing facilities
Pulse Tube Pulse Tube
RAPID Lander Landers
ROV Isis Remotely operated vehicles
RRS Discovery Ship
RRS James Cook Ship
Sampling Seabed sampling
Satlantic SUNA v2 Sensors
Scripps-UCSD Alkalinity Titration System Titration System
SEAL AA3 segmented flow autoanalyser Automated Analyzer
SEAL QuAAtro 39 segmented flow autoanalyser Automated Analyzer
SEAL QuAAtro segmented flow autoanalyser Automated Analyzer
Sediment Transport and Boundary Layer Equipment (STABLE) Sediment Transport and Boundary Layer Equipment (STABLE)
Seismics Seismics
Sensors Sensors
Shimadzu TOC/DON/TN Analyser Element Analyzers
Starfish 452F Sidescan Sonar Sidescan Sonar
Stereo Microscope Microscopy
Tandem acoustic release links and deckbox Acoustic Release
Teledyne V1000 5 beam ADCP (250m depth rated) Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
Teledyne V500 5 beam ADCP (250m depth rated) Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
Teledyne Workhorse 1200kHzADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
Teledyne Workhorse 600kHzADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
Test tanks Test tanks
Thermalox Total Organic Carbon analyser Automated Analyzer
Trace Metal Snowcatcher Snowcatcher
Turner C3 Fluorometer
Unmanned Surface Vehicles Unmanned surface vehicles
VINDTA 3C Inorganic Carbon detection equipment
Winches Winches